Social Media Within the Non-Profit World

Photo is from Reach to Recovery site for American Cancer Society

It truly is a jungle out there in the world of social media. A mass of information can be found with a click of your TV remote, car radio, cellular phone, computer, and with the millions of sites that can be viewed can be overwhelming at times. How does social media impact public relations for non-profits organizations?

The American Cancer Society (ACS) uses media and social networking to advocate cancer awareness to reach millions of worldwide cancer survivors, newly diagnosed cancer patients, researchers, doctors, media, and the general public. The ACS utilizes social media to educate the general public on exercise, health, cancer research, assist with funding and much more. On any given day the ACS utilizes and maintains 7 Facebook pages, 9 separate Twitter accounts, a YouTube channel, an ACS app for iPhones, My Space page, and of course their main website at  Social media has allowed non-profits to reach a broad audience enabling them to educate themselves on the warnings signs and detect certain cancers before diagnosed to prevent this deadly disease.  This has the potential to save millions of lives.

The ACS also uses social media outlets as a way to fundraise to help in the assistance of cancer research expenses. Personally I have used this method time and again to raise funds within my network of friends and family via emails, texting, Facebook page, and the use of the YouTube videos on the ACS YouTube Channel to share with others to gain interest for potential volunteers and donors as well. Without social media in the non-profit realm, fundraising would be drastically different.  There is nothing like a good old fashioned face-to-face meeting to supplement that personal touch, but by use of social media I can reach 30 people in 5 minutes, share my passion in a quick personal message and link a video to add that extra touch to reel in my audience hoping they will be hooked and donate to the cause. This method has actually worked for me in the past as I gained $75 in 5 minutes by only sending a personal email out to 5 friends. Social media made it easy using the ACS account info to link their payment options all within a click of a few buttons. Who knows maybe those few dollars I raised are the ones that will find a cure cancer one day.

Resources: ACS Press Room Social Media page


Goodbye to my “little bro” Pooky!

I was blessed yesterday to have the opportunity to say goodbye to my little “bro” Pooky before he went to doggie Heaven. My parents got him after years of having that empty nest feeling when me and my sis moved out of their house.  He was an awesome little guy for sure.  Pooky provided love, companionship and comfort to them while they both fought their cancer battles throughout the years. He loved to camp and go for his evening stroll through the neighboorhood which was very therapeutic for my dad as well as they were two peas in a pod. Pooky was the son my dad never had.
Pooky, you will be missed but will absolutely never be forgotten. The unconditional love you gave mom and dad for the past 14 years was very special. Thanks for being the best little bro a big sis could ever ask for.  I love you!

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to!

I love modern technology!  Having just over 160 birthday well wishes on Facebook just floors me.  I am still very new in the social media world other than FB so this is all so overwhelming but wonderful at the same time.  In my blogs you will learn that I love to advocate cancer awareness so hear it goes:  Did you know that Sept is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, Thyroid Cancer Awareness month, Prostate Cancer Awareness month and Gynecologic Cancer Awareness month???  Well you do now.  Please go to to learn of these types of cancer and how you can avoid them!  Take care of yourselves!