Create an Amazing Press Release and Get Noticed

by NS Newsflash

What’s worse than a bland press release? A press release that doesn’t get picked up from any of your intended media outlets. I hate to sound so harsh but when you produce crap basically you will get crap in return. You must have something that catches the eye of your local media to turn it into a newsworthy story.  Your event and/or establishment may depend on it!  So I have put together some ways to produce an amazing press release that is sure to get picked up by your media sources.First you must know the medium you want use to send out your press release i.e. fax, email or print. Then gather who your contact’s will be and get their information and make a list of your intended recipients. Make sure to think about sending it to online media and include links to provide more ways for your audience to find information on your produce/event. Watch this great video posted by  to gain more customers using press releases online:

Multimedia Press Release – Tip #26 – Internet Marketing for Small Business

Let’s keep these next steps simple and to the point much like how your press release needs to be.  Pick a catchy yet informative title that will grab and hold the attention of your audience. Make sure to keep the first paragraph brief, clear and to the point but include all the vital information: the where, when, why, what and who. Press releases should never be more than one page.

The last paragraph will be dedicated to your contact details. Always include a primary contact name, phone number, address, email and website address.  You can also end your submission with a mission statement or quote to make a lasting impression.

Remember who your audience is and speak to them using knowledge and passion of your product/event. Include details or facts to spark curiosity in following paragraphs. A good press release not only informs but teases as well.

Editing is one of the most important things you can do before submitting your press release. Your submission should be 100% error free and grammatically correct.  Double check your work and have someone else look it over. Use spell check often and try not to be repetitive in your vocabulary. Dust off your thesaurus and remember to utilize words that everyone can understand. Keep your audience in mind and speak to them using their language but don’t exclude potentially interested customers by using acronyms or too many terms which may confuse those who are not familiar with your product/organization.

I didn’t want to spend too much time on going through formatting but it is a vital piece of the process in producing an amazing press release.  I have added this example from for you to review.  Remember to end your submission by entering the # symbol three times centered at the bottom of the page to indicate the end of your release. I found some helpful tips at that you may want to check out to gain furture insight on creating your submission.

That’s it my friends. You can totally pull this off and promote your product/event with ease and insure success having the media on your side.  Make sure to personally send a thank you note to the media contacts who pick up your story and publish it. This will build a positive relationship and could pose helpful with future promotions. A email thank you is suffice.

Your amazing press release is ready to submit. 


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  1. Wow! That was a great post, Pam. I really enjoyed reading and learning about how to write a press release that stands out and will catch publisher’s attention. Your post was very informative and detailed. I think it was very important you mentioned to send thank you notes to those who publish your works. Often, I feel as this step could easily be forgotten and skipped. However, it is the little things such as these that set one apart from the other. Little things such as these are always remembered.

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